How to make a Private site in WordPress dot com

In general, if you are using a WordPress (org) CMS in a self-hosted server, you may need to use any third-party plugin to restrict your entire site. However, the beauty of you won’t need to bear those hassles (Cool, isn’t it?)

Coincidently I have a relevant blog post on my other self-hosted site. You can walk through that article from this link.

Use Cases

So who needs this particular Private feature? Because peoples usually create websites to show their presence to the world!

  • Suppose, you want to use your site as Guinea Pig! To play with the stuffs, but don’t want to show your mess to the users.
  • You are a learner or trainer.
  • You have a particular niche for a targeted audience (membership), etc.

How to enable

  1. Visit:
  2. Choose your site and click on it.
  3. Now, scroll down. You will see the privacy settings indicating three different privacy options along with the “Private.
  4. Check and save the settings, and you are done!

Now, your site will be visible only for logged-in users.


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