Gutenberg Buttons Block – Episode 3

The Buttons block allows you to add buttons linking to other pages on your site or any external page/link. One of the frequent use of this block would be creating a CTA (Call to Action) button for your visitors. Adding a Buttons blockBlock InterfaceLinking a ButtonAligning ButtonsBlock Settings PanelStylesColor SettingsBorder SettingsWidth SettingsAdvanced Adding a Buttons... Continue Reading →

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How to create a blog site exactly like me?

Intro I think you can relate to the content of this article by seeing the post title 😀So, let me represent How I created this FREE, simple (but gorgeous) Blogsite with less effort. Few more words Do you know the fundamental difference between and Here are a few points which will help... Continue Reading →

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Gutenberg-Block Editor – Episode 1

Isn't Gutenberg the new terror? Even after a couple of months, I've wished for a better alternative to Gutenberg Block Editor:/  Yes, you heard correctly. Gutenberg was a huge fan of mine. But, somehow, I realize, "Oh boy, there's no other way out except learning Gutenberg!" So this blog post is my first attempt to... Continue Reading →

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I need to make a website, and I thought this was what I was buying, but now I have a blog, and that’s not what I want. Is there a way to get out of that? How do I change it? Is it better to erase it all and keep the address?

If you want a fresh start on your site, you can erase all your existing site content by keeping the same WordPress address. Safety Matter However, before proceeding with the cleaning, I would highly recommend keeping a backup of your existing site contents. To do so: Visit (, select your site, and Export Content... Continue Reading →

Domain Name and DNS Autopsy

Before Starting In our regular lifestyle, we spend a lot of time (!) on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, all of which are accessible via the internet. But Have you ever wondered what the heck the INTERNET is? Who on earth has control over the INTERNET? How does it function?... Continue Reading →

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